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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Saturday 31 May 2003. Buddhist Fair and rummage sale at First Universalist Church. Specifically, Tibetan Buddhist.

A group of monks were chanting as I arrived. They all looked Tibetan: the dark skin which high-altitude peoples develop, a certain kind of face.

There were two kinds of merchandise. Some was new, Tibetan and/or Buddhist; the Tibet Store had a table. The rest was used, and mostly American -- the usual rummage sale assortment.

The refreshments were divided almost the same way. There were Tibetan dumplings (mo-mo), with a side order of potatoes. The desserts were American home-made cookies. Tea was also available -- either Tibetan style or hot water plus teabag.

The dumplings were quite good, with a bit of hot sauce added. I liked the vegetable ones better than the beef ones.

My main acquisition was a handcart. That was something I needed. The rest -- the teakettle was one I liked more than the one I already had, and it was only a quarter. The other things were cheap enough that if they turned out not to be useful, I wouldn't feel bad about disposing of them.

When I left, two balloons had been tied to the handcart's handle. I thought of offering them on Natter (mailing list for Mnstf members and other Twin Cities sf fans) to women who considered themselves under-endowed. I ended up giving them away to a child.

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