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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Friday, 18 July 2003. I don't think in words. Or, less simplified: a lot of the thinking some people do in words, I don't. (This took me several decades to figure out.)

One consequence -- beginning a story by setting down a written outline doesn't work well for me. And working without an outline, I tend to concentrate on dialog and other things easiest to put into words.

Setting down the kind of outline which does work for me -- let's just say I'm not good at five/six-dimensional sculpture. Which means I need to keep it in my head.

I think I've now reached a point at which I can properly use such an outline. Today, I wrote down an abstract of what happens in "The Caterpillar on the Leaf" after the part I'd written.

Now to see how well I can work from that written abstract of a nonverbal outline.

Advertised on the Fox News website: http://usmilitarysingles.com/
Gives a new meaning to "Support our troops." Two new meanings, for the bawdy-minded.

Cluster of headlines in http://news.google.com:

Marijuana smoking public health hazard
Canada.com - 8 hours ago
In the Health Canada news release announcing the provision of marijuana for medical purposes, Health Minister Anne McLellan admits that the effectiveness of marijuana therapy is unknown, but fails to mention that adverse health effects of marijuana smoke ...
Feds change rules for slaughtering cows in Canada CFCN
Frustrated Toronto MD quits medical marijuana committee Toronto Star
Edmonton Sun - CBC News -
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