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Monday, July 28, 2003

Sunday 27 July 2003. As I woke up, I realized I needed the poetry shears I'd seen at Steeple People Thrift Store.

Email subject line: Girls On Webcarns! (AduIts Only)

I'm not sure if this is deliberate misspelling to get past spam blocks, or genuine mistakes.

"Webcarn" is an interesting word. Presumably short for "web carnivore".

AduIts are intelligent aliens of some kind.

From http://www.eurekalert.org, which has a link to the full press release:

Public Release: 27-Jul-2003
Music instruction aids verbal memory
Those dreaded piano lessons pay off in unexpected ways: According to a new study, children with music training had significantly better verbal memory than their counterparts without such training. Plus, the longer the training, the better the verbal memory. These findings underscore how, when experience changes a specific brain region, other skills that region supports may also benefit –- a kind of cognitive side effect that could help people recovering from brain injury as well as healthy children.

Contact: Pam Willenz
American Psychological Association
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