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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Wednesday 23 July 2003. I'd gotten a belt pouch at Midwest Mountaineering; I thought it would be more comfortable to have stuff in it than in my pants pocket. It was, and things were easier to find.

So, I returned for a matching belt pouch. They only had a smaller size. Thought it over, and bought it.

One bonus: Different weight distribution, which means different use of muscles for walking. And less strain on my back, neck, and shoulders.

From the Christian Science Monitor's free email newsletter:
Bad summer movies wither on Web grapevine
Studios are feeling the brunt of the bad buzz created by moviegoers who send advance reviews to large web audiences. By Daniel B. Wood

The movie industry might be forced to do something drastic -- make better movies.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press had stories on the first flash mob in the Twin Cities. Roughly: word gets out on the Net that people who want to be part of the flash mob are to meet at a certain place. (In this case, a store at the Mall of America.) There will be someone handing out written instructions on where to go and what to do.

Thursday 24 July. Pillsbury House, to do data entry for the Community Barter Network. And again -- computer problem, one which was supposed to have been fixed. Either it wasn't, or it re-occurred.

I went grocery shopping and did some other errands.

Write-Hemisphere (http://www.write-hemisphere.com) is currently the best online source of fresh sf/fantasy news. This time, they had a juicy bit about the Odyssey writing workshop -- Gene Wolfe, who was among the instructors this year, left early. Roughly: A group of students got together and complained about his critiquing style -- saying which stories he considered good and which not, and being unduly harsh about the not-good ones. For more information, see Wolfe's letter to Locus http://www.locusmag.com . There's discussion in the Tangent Online newsgroup on sff.net, including links to the weblogs of two of the students. The students get less sympathy than Minnesotans give the District of Columbia when it 's shut down by an inch of snow.

Writing: Looked over "The Caterpillar on the Leaf" and did more work on it than I'd expected. Mostly adding information I was certain I'd already included.

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