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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Friday 22 August 2003. I got out of bed around noon, and was almost fully awake by 4 pm. The heat wave had taken more out of me than I'd realized.

Geri Sullivan's yard sale was a few blocks away. As I walked, I encountered other yard sales. Was everyone trying to get in a yard sale before fall?

Mail: "Maney, Mabel The Girl with the Golden Bouffant (Jane Bond, lesbian twin sister of 007, masquerades as her brother at a spy convention where her mission is to steal a secret spy invention)"

"Childress, David Hatcher Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet ("The Secret Naval War Between the Templars & the Vatican"; 111 b&w photos and illustrations)"

Uncle Hugo's/Uncle Edgar's Newsletter, September-November 2003. 2864 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407. Email: unclehugo@aol.com. Website: http://www.unclehugo.com

Mostly listings of sf (Uncle Hugo's) and mystery (Uncle Edgar's) recently received and forthcoming books/audiotapes/cd's, with brief descriptions. Each store has books which could just as well go in the other; for example, survivalist novels have their own small section in Uncle Edgar's.

Also: Award winners, Neighborhood Update by owner Don Blyly, sf recommendations by Blyly, mystery reviews by Jeff Hatfield and by Gerri Balter, notices of upcoming signings, notice of a sale.

Chicago Avenue between Lake Street and the Uncles has gotten more interesting recently. In a window of Roberts Shoe Store, there's a monitor which usually shows the alley behind the store -- specifically, the nearest dumpster. The artistic purpose is to show certain changes which are/will be taking place in the alley. The practical purpose is to intrude on the privacy of those who use the alley as a drug market or a bathroom.

Farther on, a typewriter store has been replaced by Koscielski's Guns and Ammo, Minneapolis's only gun store. (The Chicago Typewriter, aka Thompson machine machine gun, is almost certainly not sold there.)

This is not a crime-free area, though I don't think anyone's been shot on that stretch of Chicago Avenue for a few years. I suspect the gun store will make some difference; not because it will attract people with carry permits, but because it will attract police attention. (No, the store's not doing anything illegal. The Minneapolis city government considers guns evil.)

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