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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Friday August 29, 2003. My mother was quoted on the American Dialect Society list
(ads-l@listserv.uga.edu). Barry Popik posted about various food names/terms, including squid ink pasta. He quoted extensively from the Usenet group rec.food.cooking.

A while back, squid ink pasta was discussed on that newsgroup. I emailed my mother for information, and forwarded her answer to rec.food.cooking.

Since she's no longer alive, I can't tell her about this.

From http://www.crookedtimber.org, 8/28: Give children the right to vote?
Posted by Micah

I’m taking a course on election law, and the professor mentioned a proposal today that I hadn’t heard about before. He said there’s a movement in Germany to propose a constitutional amendment that would give children the right to vote from birth. I thought he was pulling our leg at first, but listen to this segment on NPR. The idea is that parents (or principal care givers) would act as proxies for children by voting on their behalf. According to proponents, this would have two benefits. First, it would give politicians greater reason to care about family and children’s issues. Second, in an effort to correct for Germany’s declining birth rate and rapidly aging population, it would give people greater incentive to have more children. (A quick search turns up some other proposals of this kind floating around, from the sophomoric* to the more considered* (by Gillian Thomas at Demos) to the academic manifesto* (by Duncan Lindsey at UCLA.)

*Link given on Crooked Timber.

There seem to be two ideas here. One is giving parents an additional vote for each child. The other is lowering the voting age.

I tried out the translation program at Fagan Finder on the subject header of a spam message I'd gotten: Sufre usted de colesterol y problemas de la piel? Result: Undergo you of cholesterol and problems of the skin?

Meetup.com (http://www.meetup.com) arranges meetings on various topics. The meetings are local, but take place on the same day at the same local time.

Top Topics in USA Presidential: 1. Dean in 2004 (>94,500 members) 2. Kucinich in 2004 (>10,500) 3. Clark in 2004 (>10,300) 4. Kerry in 2004 (>10,000) 5. Edwards in 2004 (>1,200) 6. Gore in 2004 (>1,100) 7. Bush in 2004 (>1,000) 8. Graham in 2004 (>600) 9. Gephardt in 2004 (>400) 10. Lieberman in 2004 (>200) 11. Moseley-Braun in 2004 (>100) 12. Nader in 2004 (>100) 13. Sharpton in 2004 (89) 14. Smith in 2004 (27)

Nine times as many people interested in Howard Dean as in any other Democratic candidate.
This isn't a representative sample of likely voters. But information on polling-business site http:\\www.zogby.com shows that Dean leads in polls.

Someone considered an extremist by many in his own party, from an unlikely state, becomes a Presidential candidate. I've seen this before -- Goldwater in 1964, McGovern in 1972.

Goldwater's supporters reshaped the Republican Party, made it possible for Ronald Reagan to serve two Presidential terms. McGovern's supporters didn't reshape the Democratic Party. Maybe Dean's supporters will.

And maybe George Bush will get Dean elected.

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