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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Monday 18 August 2003. Hottest day of the year, in the Twin Cities.

Why do companies change good names to fair ones? Palm hardware is becoming PalmOne. Stated purpose: to distinguish it from Palm software. Unless they're now entirely separate companies, I don't think the problem is worth worrying about.

Project of the day: Preparing for Wednesday's building inspection. After which I spent several hours sleeping.

The inspection will be focused on changes the landlord was told to make. But the inspector _might_ look in on my place.

Changes to "Catepillar on the Leaf": Took out the sequence which had the protagonist calling an important meeting. Now he finds out about it when he shows up at the building it's held in.

Added: A place called Junkyard will be officially renamed The Historic Artifact Village.

I got a LiveJournal code from Peter Hentges. Current plan is to use both LiveJournal and Blogspot, at least for a while. I write journal entries offline, so it's not difficult.

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