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Monday, August 04, 2003

Monday 4 August 2003. Sleep problem solved! As I'd thought, I needed to cover myself with a sheet and blanket.

I went to Temple Israel's rummage sale. Bought some things I needed -- bed linen and a tea kettle. Some things I wanted, which were cheap enough. And other stuff in the "nice to have more" category.

Afterwards, it struck me that the Minnesota synagogue ladies weren't much different from the Minnesota church ladies who run other rummage sales.

From Blogger.com's (http://www.blogger.com) listing of past Blogs of the Week: "The latest episode of 0SIL8 is called Press Nothing to Continue. It's an innovative marriage between Blogger and Tellme, a telephone information service. Using Blogger to output a certain format of XML called VXML (here's the file he's using Blogger to generate), a blog can be heard over the phone. There is no weblog to see in this case, you have to call a phone number to hear it. Blogger: it's not just for web-based weblogs anymore."

Weblogs which aren't web-based? No stranger than "fraternal insurance for women," I suppose. And not as open to misinterpretation as "vegetarian meatballs".

Another place to bet on the future: http://www.longbets.org "The Long Bets Foundation was started in 02001 as a 501(c)(3) public education nonprofit foundation, based in California. It is a partial spin-off from The Long Now Foundation, which is building a 10,000-year Clock and tools for a 10,000-year Library. Long Bets is one of the Library tools."

The Long Now Foundation is connected with the Whole Earth Quarterly.

Long Bets predictions must be for two years into the future, and cost $50 to make. Bets require a minimum of $200 from each side (yes or no).

Advice: If you've finished a story about futures markets in futures, get it in the mail _now_.

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