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Monday, August 18, 2003

Sunday 17 August 2003. rehydration, sleep, and decluttering took up most of the day.

At Diversicon, Melissa Scott had said that New Hampshire's constitution guarantees the right of armed rebellion. I found a use for this knowledge.

I was certain I couldn't do much with "The Caterpillar on the Leaf," but I decided to see if I could tweak it a bit. I made a couple of minor copy-edit corrections, and then I added something.

The story background includes a civil war -- followed by groups not part of either side taking over the government. The addition: the right of armed rebellion is part of the constitution. So are restrictions on the government's actions against rebels. If either side in that civil war is proven to have been the legitimate government, its members can be indicted. The rebels will, of course, go free.

Bookwyrm had posted this in alt.callahans http://www.shoesofthefisherman.com/ and I'd passed it on to Marty Helgesen.

From Marty Helgesen:

Thank you. I sent it to a Catholic friend who used to be an Evangelical and
has considerable affection for them, and he put it on his blog "Catholic and
Enjoying It."


Marty Helgesen
Bitnet: mnhcc@cunyvm Internet: mnhcc@cunyvm.cuny.edu

"Hopefully I use English correctly. Disgustedly I watch others
massacre it." Steven Brust

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I asked Marty for the URL of that blog, and got this reply:

The item itself appeared on August 14 with the headline:
Failed Evangelical Witnessing Scheme #09834503

Incidentally, in the comments box -- which has comments, ignore the 0 --
someone said he thinks the site is a hoax, which is possible. There are
hoax sites. I suppose someone could call the 800 number and see what
answer, if any, he gets.

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