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Friday, August 22, 2003

Thursday August 21, 2003. A delightfully cool day. That is, in the low 80's rather than the middle 90's.

To Pillsbury House, to do data entry for the Community Barter Network. Computer problems. The computer technician would be there Friday morning.




"I am writing this mail to you from my residence because of how confidential it is,this letter contains some confidential materials and should be delected from your mail box if you are unable to help out concerning the proposal."

I hoped for some new combination of porn and the Nigerian Letter. Unfortunately, it was simply the Nigerian Letter in slightly worse than usual English.

Mail: Locus, August. (Special issue on The New Space Opera, which from here will be called NSO.) Contents include: Interview with Alastair Reynolds, NSO writer.

Books Sold; a useful guide if you're trying to figure out what's being bought now and what will be published in a year or two. Most listings include names of authors' agents, which might be useful for new writers looking for agents. Also other news items.

Fiction reviews. Lists of magazines, books, and British books received.

An introduction to New Space Opera. The intro doesn't hold my attention. That's partly because the text is on top of an illustration which anyone who wants to annoy me should probably emulate. More interesting pieces by NSO writers: Ken MacLeod, Paul McAuley, Gwyneth Jones, M. John Harrison, Stephen Baxter.

Interview with NSO writer Charlie Stross -- white letters on a black background.

How useful is this issue for understanding the New Space Opera? I learned of one writer I hadn't heard of -- Justina Robson -- who seems worth checking out. (She's only been published in the UK, so far.) But I didn't understand NSO -- or its differences from Old Space Opera -- any more than I had before.

How useful is Locus in general? For sf/fantasy news, it's the best print publication. If you're intensely interested in sf/fantasy -- as a reader or writer -- you'll probably want to read Locus. (Chronicle, formerly SF Chronicle, is a distant second.) But for fast access to news, the best source right now is Write Hemisphere (http://wwww.write-hemisphere.com). Updated at least once a day, links to articles and discussions. Second best, I think, is Locus Online (http://www.locusmag.com). And the best source of market information is ralan.com.

From http://www.write-hemisphere.com: "The Alien Online features the latest Adam Roberts' Reading in Classic SF column, Time for Teletubbies. Roberts examines the show's premise from the adult SF perspective, with interesting observations."

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