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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Thursday August 28, 2003. 'A sure sign that chai tea is on its way out: Chai Latte mix is the newest of the 15 or more kinds of General Foods International Coffee mixes.... You'll know we're really in for it if you see General Foods International bubble tea mix.' Al Sicherman, Minneapolis Star Tribune taste section, p. 3.

Email: SILICON SOAPWARE #106, from Tom Digby. If you like idea-rich sf, there's a good chance you'll also like this zine.

Contents include:

Dream-inspired thoughts on whether intelligence is required for emotions; and if so, what degree of intelligence. 'A related question that drifted past with no real answer was whether there can be such a thing as pure happiness without awareness of what one
is happy about.'

Artificial emotion.

Dream about preparing to drive on Mars -- where rules were apparently set by California's Department of Motor Vehicles.

Will You Write Me?

I can't see them or hear them or smell them,
But I know they're there:
Unwritten poems, waiting for some poet to come and write them.

There's one at the end of that row of trees,
Leading my gaze off into vague infinities
Of memories and daydreams.

And there's another lying in the gutter with that old tennis ball,
Perhaps reminiscing about better days and laughing children
While mourning the glory that was not to be
At Wimbledon.

And there are always several up in the sky,
Floating around with the birds
Or the clouds
Or the stars.

They wait, unseen, unheard,
Until the right poet approaches.
Then one will leap into the writer's brain,
Or maybe sneak in on foggy cat feet
And slowly make its presence known over time.

I'm usually not the poet they want.
But now and then I am honored
When one does choose me.

-- Tom Digby
First draft 22:11 08/07/2003
Revised 14:30 08/09/2003
Revised 17:52 08/14/2003

To subscribe, web to http://bubbles.best.vwh.net/cgi-bin/mojo/mojo.cgi if you want to be on a list which serves as a letter column. If you just want the zine, email bubbles@well.com.

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