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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Wednesday August 27, 2003. Reado: "Washington Post Conspiracy" for "Washington Post Company".

On my way to Rainbow coin laundry (near 26th and Hennepin), I passed Treehouse Records. Sign on the door: "Impeach the smirking chimp." Next time someone on soc.politics says Americans are too brainwashed to speak out against their government, I'm going to quote that.

Rainbow has tv. Since I don't have a tv set, much of my viewing time is while I'm doing laundry.

I came in on the middle of Law and Order. There was something odd about the way the characters talked.

Next, the West Wing. The same oddity about the way characters spoke.

And then I had it: the dialog sounded more like soap opera dialog than had been common on such programs when I last regularly watched tv.

Southwest Journal: the Park and Recreation Board is considering plans to provide wi-fi coverage for Minneapolis.

September 3 through September 7, the Twin Cities will be a gameboard for the Big Urban Game. http://www.swjournal.com/display/inn_news/news11.txt

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