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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Friday September 26, 2003. A grim day, thanks partly to something happening in another person's life.

I began to come out of the funk around 7 pm.

Book recommendation: Carolyn See, Making a Literary Life: advice for writers and other dreamers. Ballantine. 2002/2003.

I like See (or at least her persona) better than I do the authors of other writing books I've read. And she's able to explain a couple of things I hadn't quite gotten from those others.

Geneticists Report Finding Central Asian Link to Levites
A team of geneticists...say that 52 percent of Levites of Ashkenazi origin have a particular genetic signature that originated in Central Asia, although it is also found less frequently in the Middle East. The ancestor who introduced it into the Ashkenazi Levites could perhaps have been from the Khazars, a Turkic tribe whose king converted to Judaism in the eighth or ninth century, the researchers suggest.

Their reasoning is that the signature, a set of DNA variations known as R1a1, is common in the region north of Georgia that was once occupied by the Khazar kingdom.

From someone on the American Dialect Society list:
a small sample of English accents

From the India edition of http://news.google.com:
Goddess Durga in jeans raises furore
Sify - 55 minutes ago
A hoarding at Ashok Nagar, a prime business locality in Bhubaneswar has been in the eye of a raging controversy.
Shotgun weddings with a sinister difference Telegraph.co.uk
Bihar clamps down on songs for Durga Puja Hindustan Times

From that last story: 'According to astrologer Viprendra Jha "Madhav", the "panchang", or Hindu religious calendar, indicates goddess Durga will arrive this year on a horse.

'This, he said, signified that the country's ruling parties might face trouble or split, or that there may be bad fortune or the death of some highly placed leaders.

'The goddess will depart on a buffalo, signifying that there might be an outbreak of epidemics or some natural calamity, said Madhav.'

From Barbary_Coast on LiveJournal (http://livejournal.com/users/Barbary_Coast): A conspiracy theory which trumps Heribert Illig's discovery that 297 years of European history were forged:

This book shall change your entire perception of history. Its author, an eminent mathematician, follows in steps of Sir Isaac Newton and proves with astronomical data and statistical analysis of ancient documents that the history of humankind is drastically shorter than consensual chronology suggests.

Jesus Christ was born in 1053 and crucified in 1086; The Gospels were written in XI-XII centuries; The Crusades = Trojan War started after His crucifixion; Rome = Jerusalem = Constantinople = Istanbul; Mongols = Orda-Russia conquered Western Europe; Saint George = Genghis Khan; 'Ancient Rome' was founded in XIV century by Tartars; Old Testament related the events of medieval Europe; consulting the dictionary about books, hotels and health maps;

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