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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Friday September 5, 2003. Birthday party for Kevin Austin at Jonathan Adams and Carol Kennedy's.

I discussed with Jonathan my Constitutional right to hunt passenger pigeons. The Federal Government, through its inaction, has deprived me of that right.

A large percentage of the attendees had been at Torcon. From what they said, I gathered that it wasn't the best-run Worldcon they had experienced. At least one person called it "Nolacon 2". (Nolacon, held in New Orleans in 1988, is the benchmark for badly-run Worldcons.)

I also gathered that the attendees had had fun.

From:Jay Swartzfeger
Date:Wed, 3 Sep 2003 22:51:29 -0700

"Just wanted to let you know I tried posting a comment to your recent journal entry and received the following error:

"[Failed to open file for writing. The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.]"

I've replaced the software which was supposed to let people post to the Blogger version with HTML that lets them send me email.

"And what's the real story about the firearms in MN? Did they loosen up carrying/permit laws?"

Before, permits were issued at the discretion of local law enforcement authorities. In some rural areas, almost anyone could get a carry permit. In Minneapolis, getting a non-occupational permit literally required bringing a lawsuit. Now, a permit is issued for anyone who meets certain qualifications. Which means it's much easier to get a permit in Minneapolis and other cities; and harder and more expensive to get one in those rural areas where it had been really easy to get one.

It's more equitable, which I consider a good thing.

However -- the law as written bars local governments from prohibiting firearms on their property. The City of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis park board (which is officially a municipality) and various other local governments have banned guns anyway. (So far, there hasn't been a test case.)

I consider this the replacement of one bad law by another bad law.

Oddly enough, the current state government is mostly dominated by Republicans. And also oddly enough, Minneapolis is in a solidly DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor, though there's little left of the Farmer-Labor Party in the merged state party) Congressional District, sends Democrats to the state legislature, and is generally not considered an easy place for Republicans to win elections. The City Council used to be entirely Democrats except for one independent; it now has two Greens. (City Council elections are supposed to be nonpartisan, but parties make endorsements.)

"Has the place turned into the wild west, or is it still status quo?"

Today (September 5), newspapers reported the first permit suspension. "Damian Petersen, 34, of Oak Grove, said he was protecting his recently landscaped home from his brother, who had gotten a car stuck on a retaining wall and was tearing up the lawn trying to free the vehicle."

"Attorneys said Petersen will be able to get his gun and permit back in two years if he meets conditions set when he pleaded guilty to felony reckless discharge of a firearm."

He'd aimed for the car, not for his brother.

2003-09-04 01:23

"I agree that you should let the Locus subscription lapse. Get a subscription to a magazine that carries more dependable news about the SF industry...like the Weekly World News."

Can you give some examples of why you consider it less than fully dependable?

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