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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Monday September 22, 2003. Late night thoughts

1. "The new chimpanzee group has demonstrated human-level learning ability."

"You didn't give them firearms training like the first group, right?"


"You didn't give them unarmed combat training like the second group?"

"No. I taught them something harmless. They're writing computer viruses."

2. The song "The Twa Sisters" -- just how young is the younger sister? What if she hasn't reached puberty? [For those who don't know the song: Knight is courting the older sister, but more interested in younger sister. Older sister drowns younger sister. When younger sister is found, minstrel makes harp from her bones, strung with her hair. Later, gets a gig at royal court. Harp accuses older sister of murder.]

Good to know my mind is working normally again.

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