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Monday, September 22, 2003

Monday September 22, 2003. Rainbow Foods had cut-up frying chicken at 79 cents a pound. (They also had whole chicken and various parts for the same price.) Sunday, I'd bought one such chicken. Today, I cooked.

It was a mutant, with two livers and no heart or gizzard. I fried the livers with apple slices and an egg. The rest went into the soup pot, along with some vegetables.

The past few days, I'd had a cooking block; for example, making tea seemed horrendously difficult. I've found that when I have a cooking block, I also have trouble writing.

I didn't write any great prose today. What I did do: A while ago, I'd taken plot and background stuff out of the most-current story and put it aside in a file as notes for another story. Today I took stuff out of that second story, and set it aside for a third one.

Question -- what sf stories and novels can you think of which deal with humans whose society is reshaped by contact with a nonhuman culture? Ones I can think of: C.J. Cherryh, _Serpent's Reach_ and _40,000 in Gehenna_. Margaret St. Claire, _The Green Queen_.

Writing: A while ago, I'd taken stuff out of the most-current story, and made it notes for another. Today I took stuff out of that second story, and set it aside for a third story.

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http://www.asofterworld.com/oqindex.html Overqualified: A new letter every Tuesday.

"Looking for work is an exercise in selling yourself. You write cover letter after cover letter, listing the parts of you that you respect the least, listing the selling points that make you valuable in a buyer's market. You leave out the little details that you tell yourself in the morning to make things okay. You don't mention the way your heart flutters when you meet your lover's eyes across the table, the way your feet felt like lead at your aunt's funeral. You write cover letter after cover letter, listing the same store bought traits in the same wording, day after day, hoping to find another job.

"And then maybe one day you just snap a little. You sit down to write a cover letter, and something entirely new comes out."

According to http://politics1.com, someone I know (in print) is running for the Libertarian Party's Presidential nomination -- sf fan George Phillies.

"A physics professor, Phillies gained international recognition for his scientific studies of light scattering, soaps, and polymer solutions. Phillies has also written a few science fiction books, numerous sci-fi short stories, lots of academic articles, and a book detailing the financial/ethics problems within the Liberatarian [sic] National Committee."

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