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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Saturday 13 September, 2003. To the Time Dollar Store at Pillsbury House, where I bought some household items.

To Uncle Hugo's. I decided I needed the November Analog for Richard A. Lovett's astrobiology article. Unfortunately, none of the stories interested me.

For the first time in a while, I went to Tapestry Folkdance for contra dancing. (Which isn't quite the same thing as [English] country dance, but close enough for folk music.)

The first kind of social dance I learned was squaredance, and contra uses many of the same movements. The main difference is that most contras use longways sets, while the only squaredance I know of which uses a longways set is the Virginia Reel.

I was rusty, and I wasn't able to last beyond the teaching and the first dance. But I enjoyed it.

At one point, someone I didn't recognize said to me -"You know that Geri is selling her house."-

I was wearing a name badge; he wasn't. He turned out to be named Bob Hunter.

One woman danced while carrying a baby on her back. The added weight didn't bother her, and the baby didn't seem to mind. But I wondered what would happen if the baby needed attention in the middle of a dance.

Spammish as she is spoke. I _think_ this is the result of someone trying word-for-word translation from Chinese to English:
The justice is prevailed invitation book justice and is started construction that Cheng Goujian connections the ground brick of technological research institute production meeing the colored coupler of seam , and fills the market blank space .
Its bright colorful and practical environmental protection and putting in order hygiene is convenient , and eliminates the black dirt that the ground brick met in stitching , and clears away the germs to multiply ground , and delivers you a clean habitation , and protects your body health .
Sincerely levying the various places sole always sells on commission , and halts local vocational work manager , and vocational work representative , specialty and sparetime all can
The tel : 0533-7589876's fax : 0533-7553289's postal chest : Y863@tom.com' address : www.jczb56.com QQ:102646997 addresses : 20#12-2-501's postal in Shandong Zibo Linzi City ox mountain path is compiled : 255400 contact person : Xia Shizhuan

I can figure out that "postal chest" ought to be "postal box".

From http://www.ramble.net:
Neil Browning demonstrates his mastery of the Scwisbocs, or Welsh squeezebox.

2003-09-13 07:39

[me] "So he started grinding pennies down to dime size, and using them as slugs. He
got caught, and lost his Federal job.

"Lately, I've been wondering about that. He saved nine whole cents -- but he probably put
in more than nine cents worth of time. What satisfaction did he get that was worth
spending the time?"

I wish I could remember where it was I read the suggestion that some people spend far more time and trouble in evading the law than complying it with it could possibly take. I.e. it's not ultimately a profit/loss analysis that drives it.

2003-09-13 22:03 (link) Select
Murray Teigh Bloom, in _Money of Their Own_ estimated that counterfeiting paid about as well as digging ditches.

Leaving crime aside, some people spend more money -- let alone time and trouble -- obtaining free things than it would cost to pay the retail prices.

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