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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Saturday September 20, 2003. Contra dance at Tapestry Folkdance, second week in a row.

The teacher advised looking at your partner's face, to keep from being dizzy. This doesn't work well for me; my peripheral vision shows the walls moving.

What works second-best for me is looking at the floor. Best is looking at my partner's chest, which could cause other problems.

Muscle memory from when I'd last gone regularly to Tapestry doesn't help as much as I'd expected. I've figured out why: I'm not using quite the same muscles.

I didn't tire quite as much as I did last week.

Need to do: Synesthetically see/feel the rhythm more accurately.

Continue learning particular movements.

From http://news.google.com:
Russian president sees no reason for Iran not singing IAEA protocol
Xinhua - 55 minutes ago

Tangent Online update: It now seems that if Dave Truesdale finds a new managing editor by New Year's Eve, Tangent Online will continue. Which means the best place to find reviews of short spec-fic will continue.

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