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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Saturday September 27, 2003. To the Southwest Senior Center (around the block) to pick up FARE For All groceries. This time, it was mostly food I wanted.

How FARE For All works: You pay a relatively small amount of money, and put in an hour of volunteer work. The next month, you get food. You don't get choice.

The Light pack is produce plus chicken breast; two grocery bags full. The Regular pack is the Light pack plus some other meat items -- not predictable. The Family pack is packaged food in a large box.

And then I slept most of the day. I'm definitely sick; I don't know what of. But that probably explains why I felt bad yesterday.

I'm now well enough that I was able to cook and enjoy supper: eggs fried with apple slices, red pepper slices, and sesame oil.

From the Ideosphere (http://www.ideosphere.com) discussion list:

"'is it possible to develop programs which trade automatically by some simple rules without human interaction?'

"You mean like Markybot? Though I wouldn't say its rules are simple. http://satirist.org/fx/"

Written in Perl, runs on Unix. Uses Markov chains. Source code not available for the main program.

From Slate's summary of today's major newspapers:
Who They Gonna Call? By Emily Biuso
Posted Saturday, September 27, 2003, at 3:20 AM PT

"The Washington Post and The New York Times both lead with Friday's release of Census figures revealing that the number of Americans living in poverty has risen for the second year in a row (USA Today led with this yesterday)....Unlike in past years, yesterday's Census news was delivered on a Friday (with the potential of getting lost in the weekend's news cycle) and from the bureau's suburban headquarters in Maryland, rather than its more 'centrally located' press club. Census officials denied that they had been pressured by the administration to play down the stats."

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