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Monday, September 08, 2003

Sunday 7 September, 2003. I went to Stillwater with Pat Craft. I'd kept meaning to get to Stillwater, but never managed it.

Stillwater is a tourist town, of the kind artist colonies tend to become. There's more to the local economy -- Stillwater Prison, to begin with. But the main street businesses are almost all touristy.

In some ways, it's like the area where I grew up. Hilly; countryside full of fields turning back into forest. And Ulster County NY has two towns which were similarly touristy the last time I visited -- Woodstock and New Paltz.

Sign in farm supplies store window: Deere Crossing, with a tractor silhouette.

We snacked at Grumpy Steve's coffee house. There was a choice between eating outside or eating in the Cave Room. We chose the Cave Room, which turned out to be nicely cool. (It wasn't a natural cave.)

We stopped at a Christian book-etc. store. Some of the merchandise, like a frog angel, wasn't quite what I'd expected.

There were plaques with various messages on them. I think that's where I saw "Have a nice day, unless you've made other plans."

At a bead store, they had a kind of scissors I liked and hadn't seen since the 1970's. The blade and handle are like a pair of tongs; to cut, you squeeze the handle. These were made in Taiwain; the ones I'd had once were from Japan.

I bought the scissors, and some beads which I thought might be useful focuses for meditation.

On the way back, we stopped for food at Culver's -- a Wisconsin-based fast food chain. Reasonably good, though I wouldn't go that far out of my way to eat there.

Notice in Arts section Star Tribune: Anne Perry speaking at Once Upon a Crime bookstore on Wednesday September 17th.

Anne Perry has unique credentials as a murder mystery writer. She was convicted as a juvenile, under another name, so it probably shouldn't have become general information.

The Weblog meetup was also scheduled for the 17th. I decided I wasn't that interested in Anne Perry or her books.

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