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Monday, September 01, 2003

Sunday August 31, 2003. I don't know how the Minnesota State Fair compares to others. Except that I've been told it's much larger than Alaska's state fair. And it's earlier in the year than some Southern state fairs.

I made my usual first stop at Empire Commons, where I got a strawberry malted.

Empire Commons didn't have any interesting new exhibits. And the midwestern emu breeders didn't have an exhibit this year.

I ate at the Epiphany Diner.

Under the grandstand, I bought 3M products which I can't find most of the year except packaged with things I don't want.

All of which I've been doing regularly every year. In general, I didn't do anything I haven't done every year for a while. I suspect this is why I didn't enjoy it as much as I had the last few years. I should probably have searched out the Personal Rapid Transit exhibit, at least.

I did do enough walking that my legs started aching.

I saw a bit of the parade. (There's one every day of the Fair, with different high school marching bands and other groups taking part.)

Many of the other fairgoers had tshirts and sweatshirts with various slogans. The only message which struck me was "Save the Werewolves."

On my way out, I noticed some exhibits outside of the cattle barn. The elk exhibit had a flier on the [not scientifically proven] benefits of elk velvet. There were references to long medical use in the Orient. However -- they're being not-quite-recommended for arthritis. And I believe the main Asian use is (ahem) enhancing male vigor. That is, stiffening something rather than unstiffening something.

The buffalo exhibit had a buffalo.

The alpaca exhibit had two alpacas. To me, they looked like alternate-world goats.

Next year, I think I'll begin with Heritage Square; a part of the Fair I haven't seen much of recently. And otherwise try to get out of what's become my routine.

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