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Monday, September 15, 2003

Sunday September 14, 2003. January 14, 3000 -- cookie expiration date. Why does any website need to track me for that length of time? Do they know something about my life expectancy that I don't?

From tomorrow's Christian Science Monitor:
http://www.csmonitor.com/2003/0915/p09s01-coop.html Nader should apologize, not run again
By Andrew Bard Schmookler

"Not all the fault lies with Nader, however. Those who fell for his pitch also reveal a serious defect in the political culture growing out of the idealistic '60s: an unwillingness to recognize and deal with the realities of the arena of power. This naiveté has empowered those who scorn his ideals. His followers have an obligation to grow up politically."

No, we don't. It's the Democratic candidate's obligation to earn votes.

My first Presidential election was in 1964. I knew Johnson wasn't perfect; but unlike Goldwater he wouldn't do such things as wasting a whole lot more military power in Southeast Asia. That was not my most accurate political prediction.

Fast forward to 2000. As Bill Clinton saw it, he'd gotten into the White House by ignoring
people like me and moving to the center. (He wasn't always right about where the political center is, but that's another story.) Al Gore saw it the same way, and planned on getting into the White House with that same strategy. After all, who else could liberal Democrats and Democrats farther to the left possibly vote for?

Along came Ralph Nader. And then came the exhortations to vote for Al Gore. Never mind principle -- hold your nose if you have to, and vote for the candidate who won't do foolish, wicked things such as ___.

I'd intended to vote for Gore. Those exhortations changed my mind; I voted for Nader.

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