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Monday, September 08, 2003

Sunday September 7/Monday September 8, 2003. Godmice. The word popped into my head around 1 am.

Godmice are more intelligent for their size than Earth mice -- as are most Second Empire mammal-equivalents. They're hive animals. I haven't found out yet what a mousegod is like; some kind of monkey, probably.

Monday September 8, 2003. Three diet colas tried so far, and found wanting. Pepsi One might be okay, if I mixed in some sugar.

Public Release: 8-Sep-2003
American Chemical Society 226th National Meeting
How tea works against skin cancer
Tea drinkers have a new reason to appreciate their favorite beverage. Substances found in green and black tea have been shown to inhibit proteins necessary for the development of cancer.
National Institutes of Health, Hormel Foundation

Contact: Deane Morrison
University of Minnesota

Time to drink more tea (with aspartame) and less cola.

To the HealthPartners pharmacy in Calhoun Square, to pick up allergy meds. Decided that as long as I was in the building, I'd go to Borders.

I looked at Al Franken's new book. As I'd expected, it wasn't nearly as funny as Fox News's document asking a court to stop publication of the book.

If Franken doesn't have his facts right, at least two people (Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter) can sue him for libel and win. I don't expect them to sue.

Scientific American has a special issue on brain enhancement, which I bought. Well worth reading. Especially if your brain misfunctions much of the time. Or if you're writing fiction set in the future, and you want to avoid having a great neurological breakthrough a century or two from now, when it's already being tested on lab animals.

But I really wish accounts of new science didn't start off by recapping decades,
centuries, or millenia of previous research and theorizing.

Bend, Mews or Draw: The suburban street name game

Pioneer Press

Here's how to get to Cathy Lee's house.

From Wedgewood Drive, go past Wedgewood Circle, past Wedgewood Alcove. Don't turn on Wedgewood Bay. Avoid Wedgewood Court, and turn into Wedgewood Draw.

What is it like to live on a "draw," instead of a plain old street like everyone else?

"It's a bother. Everyone I give my address to writes down 'drive,' " said Lee, standing in her doorway, where she can see three "Wedgewood"-named streets. "I have to say, 'No, draw. D-R-A-W.' "


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