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Friday, September 12, 2003

Thursday September 11, 2003. This story was a warning for new Federal employees:

There was a man who hated spending a whole dime for a ferry ride. (I heard this in the 1970's.) So he started grinding pennies down to dime size, and using them as slugs. He got caught, and lost his Federal job.

Lately, I've been wondering about that. He saved nine whole cents -- but he probably put in more than nine cents worth of time. What satisfaction did he get that was worth spending the time?


An "of course!" moment -- I realized that godmice grow plastic-producing plants.

I did Google searches on "growing plastic" and "growing plastics".


From http://news.google.com:
UK enlists world's help to predict climate
BBC News - 5 minutes ago
A massive worldwide online effort to predict how the global climate will change this century is being launched in the UK.
Predict global climate from your desktop ABC Science Online
Online climate experiment starts up MSNBC
Financial Times - Reuters - Nzoom.com - Planet Ark - and 9 related

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