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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Thursday September 4, 2003. Pillsbury House, to do data entry for the Community Barter Network. Shonda Allen (in charge of CBN, PH volunteer coordinator) was back from maternity leave.

The task went smoothly, except for the usual problems: handwriting bad enough to get someone expelled from medical school, name on the barter form slightly different from the one in the data base, information missing.

I'm switching from Thursday mornings to Wednesday afternoons.

To Steeple People Thrift Store, whose clothing bag sale had gotten down to $1.00 a bag. Then across the street to the Wedge co-op.

Cookery: I tried roasting some of the chicken leg quarters with potatoes. The chicken came out fine. The potatoes didn't; I should probably have cut them into smaller pieces.

The rest of the chicken went into soup, along with potatoes and carrots.

Thinking about songs appropriate for this long political season. "It's My Party, and I'll Cry if I Want to" is obvious enough that CNN has used it. But what else?

Samuel Pepys is over four hundred years behind in his blogging. The entry for September 4, 1660 includes this: "From thence to Axe Yard to my house, where standing at the door Mrs. Diana comes by, whom I took into my house upstairs, and there did dally with her a great while, and found that in Latin 'Nulla puella negat.'"

The Latin-English dictionary at http://www.arts.cuhk.edu.hk/Lexis/Latin/ gave me a word by word translation. What I think it means is that Pepys didn't get as far as he wanted. Which was my pre-translation guess.

Note: As I understand it, "Pepys" is pronounced "Peeps." The candy named after him has been phonetically respelled.

Public Release: 4-Sep-2003
New research reveals corporations increasingly make employees face the music
Forget performance related pay and flexi-time, new research by Martin Corbett from Warwick Business School reveals large corporations increasingly use hip pop music to develop loyal, hard-working employees, and encourage workers, literally, to sing from the same hymn sheet. However, despite encouragement, not all employees dance to the same tune.


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