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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Wednesday September 10, 2003. To Pillsbury House, where I did data entry for the Community Barter Network. Anything entered on 8/25 had somehow gotten lost, so there was more to do than usual.

Read: _Google Pocket Guide_. Published by O'Reilly. It has plain, detailed explanations of how to do many things with Google -- enough for at least three months of experimentation.
For more, see this book's big brother -- _Google Hacks_ -- which has a number of sample PERL scripts.

100 Simple Secrets of Happy People
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Comment on LiveJournal to Jon Singer (aka jonsinger):

"I have met at least two people who cannot consciously visualize -- they do not voluntarily make pictures in their head. This makes explaining many kinds of things to them rather difficult for most of us; one of them teaches other people, and it does interesting things to his methods."

There are, that I know of: People who remember visually, and who visualize. People who remember what they've heard and "visualize" sound. People whose memories are abstract.

And then the group I'm in: haptic, a combination of touch, muscle memory, and other "feelings".

If I write something down, I remember it. If someone else says "Here, let me write that down for you!" -- I'd better have that piece of paper at hand, because I'm not going to remember what the other person has written. I remember how it felt to move through places I've lived in much better than I do how they looked.

I learn by doing much better than I do by watching someone else do it.

There's also the slight complication of synesthesia, but that's another story.

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