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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Wednesday September 17, 2003. I can't easily read John Brunner anymore. Something about the way he writes is too jangly.

There are other fiction writers whose styles now put me off. Some I liked, others bored me. I don't know when I acquired this sensitivity; I think it's within the last few months.

A pox on computer system upgrades! I went to Pillsbury House, to enter data for the Community Barter Network. As a result of an upgrade, I couldn't get into the Time Dollar program without giving the correct password. Nobody around had the current password.

September 17, 2003
GOP may favor Dean as opponent
By Jonathan E. Kaplan

'A Republican pollster who requested anonymity said that a Dean candidacy could play out two ways.

'First, he said it is tougher to run against a governor. Second, Dean’s momentum may dampen over time as calls mount for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) or former Vice President Al Gore to jump into the race — on the theory that Dean appeals to his “hard core base” and thus cannot broaden his support.'

In one part of Nova Scotia, the year of change from driving on the left to driving on the right was known as "The year of free beef." There were these oxen who couldn't be retrained....

Today, we have Democratic politicians who've been trained to run Presidential campaigns Bill Clinton's way. Unlike those oxen, they're staying in their jobs.

'This week, we've received four emails from writers who were "approached" by companies online. The writers wanted to know if these companies were a good deal. One was a book reviewer (who charged a fee). Another was an online bookstore that didn't charge any transaction fees...because they charge authors a huge, up-front annual fee to list their books there (huh?). Another one was a website where writers can have their own "professional webpage." In all cases, the writers weren't "approached." They were spam*ed!'
Read this entire article at: http://www.angelahoy.com/writing/

NSF PR 03-103 - September 17, 2003
Media contact:
David Hart
(703) 292-7737
Program contact:
Ty Znati
(703) 292-4546

Data Privacy, Emergency Response, Weather Prediction to Benefit from Information Technology Advances
NSF Information Technology Research program announces awards for 2003

ARLINGTON, Va.—Protecting individual privacy in a networked world, getting the right information at the right time for emergency response, predicting high-impact local weather such as thunderstorms, and monitoring wetlands with networks of mobile robotic sensors are the challenges being addressed by four of the eight large projects funded this year by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the Information Technology Research (ITR) program.

The other four large ITR awards will design secure and reliable network architectures for bringing high-speed networking to millions of homes; create tools for comparing collections of DNA sequences and construct a "family tree" for life on Earth; harness automated microscopy and data mining of biological image databases to observe and understand cellular and molecular processes; and simplify the way scientists develop applications for grid computing.

Subject: Re: [FD] mention of FD
From: "Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci"
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:30:53 -0400

'Thanks for the little plug for [First Draft] in your blog! But hey, my zine was 38
pages, thank you very much -- what, the franked stuff doesn't count?'

Sorry, I misread the page count.

'Vin chuckled at Uncle Mikey's fretting that my zine was the [longest] zine
this time around: "In any other APA except FD and CAPA-ALPHA, 38 pages
would be considered ridiculously huge!"'

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