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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Wednesday September 3, 2003. "Minnesota is the only place where you can have four seasons a week." We had a hot spell very recently, and this morning there were people wearing jackets to take the chill off. (I was comfortable in a shortsleeved shirt.)

Seeing and feeling patterns more clearly (see yesterday's entry) still happening, though not till I'd been moving around for a few hours. Useful; for one thing I'm finding it easier to untense muscles.

Of course, there's always the danger of seeing patterns which don't really exist.

Rainbow Foods in Uptown had chicken leg quarters for 59 cents a pound -- in packages of about six pounds. Looks like I'll be cooking a lot of chicken next couple of days.

"Bringeth Thy Kids Free." Pepsi-can ad for the Renaissance Festival. Truth in advertising; it indicates the level of historical accuracy to expect.

Mail: Renewal notice for Locus. I had a choice: upgrade to first class postage, or not renew? Work out the cost of buying all issues at Dreamhaven or Uncle Hugo's with a ten percent discount; subtract first class subscription -- $4.26 per year difference. The free issue extension for answering the Locus poll brings it up to $8.88 per year difference. Skip one or two issues per year, and the subscription costs more.

And there's an increasing amount of sf/fantasy field information on the web. Fast news -- http://www.write-hemisphere.com, which links to sources. Market news -- http://ralan.com. Book reviews in various places. Short fiction reviews at Tangent Online; $5 year subscription to read the latest reviews, older than three weeks old for free.

I'm letting the Locus subscription lapse.

Subject: [guns] Re: {Brigadoon, East Virginia} store says open carry deter crime
From: Dan Goodman
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003
To: Minn-stf Natter

> I'll note all the horrible things predicted by anti-firearm groups in Mn haven't
> happened yet and that a city w/over 7 yrs experience w/open carry hasn't either.

Whatever happens with global warning, I foresee something like this:

"Global warming is a hoax," says Gordon T. Gerbil, president of the Northern Alaska Banana Growers' Cooperative.


"Global warming is a very real menace," says Gordon T. Gerbil, president of the Miami-Dade County snowplow drivers' union.

Similarly -- if violent crime were to fall to zero or if playground shootouts became common at nursery schools, there are people who wouldn't see evidence that they were wrong. [I goofed, here -- should've said "after gun permits become easier to get."]

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