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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Friday October 10, 2003. Desk Drawer (deskdrawer@topica.com) is a mailing list for writing exercises. I hadn't been keeping up with the exercises; this week, I got back on track.

With slightly odd results. My piece had a demon named Fluffy, and the information that demons taste like chicken. Neither of those was thought out before I wrote it down.

I can blame the Kirkus Review for indirectly inspiring Fluffy as a demon's name. Their review of Jo Walton's _Tooth and Claw_ (which I gather has dragons living like Anthony Trollope's human characters) said that it could/should have been more like _Watership Down_. (That is, the alternate-world version of _Watership Down_ which the reporter had read.)

Something rare: I saw television. My favorite coin laundry (Rainbow, on Hennepin near 26th) has a widescreen tv.
A movement to recall California's new governor is underway, as I predicted:

This site was started on the night of October 7th, 2003, perhaps the most shameful day in California history. It is intended to serve as a hub for the fledgling but already existent and rapidly growing movement to Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thanks to http://www.livejournal.com/users/blackfyr for the information.

Oct. 10, 2003, 5:26PM
Suit threats over Princeton CD paper dropped
Reuters News Service

LOS ANGELES - A software company, citing academic freedom, has backed away from a threat to sue a Princeton student who published details on how to thwart its CD copy-protection technology.

[snip, snip]

Jacobs, whose company counts the Chinese government as a minority investor, argued the dispute came down to a misunderstanding over the intent of his software.

"The problem was that he declared this an unrepairable flaw and that was the part that really hurt us," he said. "He was reviewing a drama when we were writing a comedy."
I emailed the Houston Chronicle's reader representative to ask what the Chinese government having a minority stake in the company had to do with the story.

Fox News is "Fair and Balanced" -- Uh, sure. From Google News:
Hasta la Vista, 'Grey' Davis
FOX News - 3 hours ago
Hey, get this...The citizenry of California held an intervention for their fiscally drunk state on Tuesday and threw blandleader Grey'Davis out on his perpetually-cocked-in-the-direction-of-special-interests ear.

You can find the full press releases at http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 10-Oct-2003
Ecology Letters
Bright autumn colouration in trees - a warning signal to insects?
There is considerable variation both in the timing and magnitude of autumn colour change. In the forthcoming issue of Ecology Letters, Hagen, Jakobsen and Folstad present the first empirical test of Hamilton and Brown's autumn signalling hypothesis. Their results are consistent with the idea that bright autumn colouration is a warning signal directed towards insects in search of favourable hosts for their progeny.

Public Release: 10-Oct-2003
Journal of Biogeography
Vanished super-ocean or expanding Earth?
Matching geological outlines and hundreds of trans-Pacific disjunctions of identical or closely related, poor-dispersing taxa, both fossil and extant, imply a close, terrestrial connection between the western Americas and East Asia/Australia/New Zealand during the Mesozoic. Such geological and biogeographic evidence is inconsistent with the plate tectonic hypothesis of a pre-Pacific super-ocean, Panthalassa. Instead, it supports a view that all oceans were closed and the Earth's radius was smaller pre-Jurassic.

Public Release: 10-Oct-2003
Health Psychology
New Penn study shows genes may influence smoking cessation
Smokers with a specific combination of two genetic variants may be more likely to remain abstinent and less prone to relapse when trying to quit smoking, a study by researchers from the Tobacco Use Research Center of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine indicates.

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