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Friday, October 17, 2003

Friday, October 17 2003. Waking thought: Running the universe must be painful. Does God have a safeword?

Warning: The Wedge co-op grocery had That Sign up again.

Recap: They'd put up a sign saying guns were banned, because someone(s) had the idea that under the new gun law they otherwise wouldn't be able to call the cops on anyone who was being obnoxious with a gun. Then someone(s) got convinced that this was inaccurate, and the sign came down.

And now it's up again. I don't much care one way or the other, but it looks like there's been at least one mistaken decision.

Other political stuff: Minnesota's state government will work to make Canadian prescription drugs available to all Minnesotans. The sparkplug for this is Governor Tim Pawlenty, who I voted against. Pawlenty is Republican; but on this issue he seems more prepared to defy the Republican administration than most Democratic elected officials are on any issue. (My opinion? I suspect that in a free market, US drug prices would go down and Canadian prices would go up. And I think this is at least a small step toward such a market.)

Minneapolis mayor R. T. Rybek wants to help the Twins get a new baseball stadium in Minneapolis -- with government help on financing. I voted for Rybek, but I heartily disagree on this issue. I don't want the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, or the State of Minnesota giving a new stadium any kind of backing. No tax money, no backing bonds, nothing which would reduce the team's financial burden and increase any government's.

And yes, I'm willing to see the Twins move to another metro area. I'm also willing to see both major leagues go out of business.

Would I feel differently if I were a baseball fan? I think I would feel the same way, but more strongly.

My body decided that sleep took precedence over any late-afternoon or evening plans.

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