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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Saturday October 11, 2003. A good day, even though I spent much of it coughing and sneezing.

No politician managed to annoy me.

I now know where "The Caterpillar on the Leaf" is going, and how it will get there. About time, considering how long I've been working on it. I've figured out how to keep the background in the background.

And I think I know how to speed up the process considerably for the next story.
I've started reading _Low Port_, the anthology edited by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. It's space opera, dealing with the less savory spaceport inhabitants.

So far, none of the stories has grabbed me -- though one might have, if the writer had started with the last paragraph.
From the UK edition of Google News:

Yes, I was shocked by Kill Bill, admits censor - but only by Uma's feet
Telegraph.co.uk - 4 hours ago
It's full of blood and violence but something rather more innocent has upset the national film censor in Quentin Tarantino's latest epic: the sight of Uma Thurman's feet.
He who fights monsters becomes a monster himself. And if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you. -- Frederich Nietzsche

Bill O'Reilly (TV opinionator on Fox News) is opposed to fanaticism on both left and right. His intended audience is common-sensical Americans. In an interview in the October 8th issue of Time, he states this clearly. And he also says:

What we're taught is that if you're not with this, you're evil, and both sides use this. It's a demonizing tactic, it's cheap and easy, and it's a way to gather votes in an emotional way. It's Huey Long. It's Adolf Hitler. It's Joseph Stalin.

Elsewhere in the interview: Q: Do you regret pushing the lawsuit against Al Franken?
A: Not at all. This man is being run by some very powerful forces in this country, and we needed to confront it. I was ambushed at a book convention. He got up in front of a national audience and called me a liar for 20 minutes. President Andrew Jackson would have put a bullet between his eyes. Franken's job is to do exactly what Donald Segretti did for Nixon -- dig up dirt on people. He is not a satirist; he is not a comedian....

Recap: The lawsuit, brought by Fox News, was over alleged trademark violations. (Not over defamation, either libel or slander.) In my opinion, the document filed by Fox's lawyers was funnier than anything Al Franken has written.

Some people take a while to catch on:

Kashmir has become a headache, says PM
BANGKOK: The Jammu and Kashmir issue has become a ''headache'' and it should have been settled at the time of Partition, says Vajpayee.

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