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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Saturday October 18, 2003. The Mnstf meeting was a bit unusual. For one thing, it was held in a day care center. (Marian Turner's home; also hosted by Michael Kauper and Erica Stark.)

For another: While it's usual for the host to provide refreshments, this level is above the usual (quoted from an announcement:)

Menu outline:

Grass-fed beef burgers, wheat buns, lettuce, baked potatoes (small red), plus the usual chips, 3-bean salsa, 3 bean salad, popcorn, nuts, pop, hot tea, cookies, crackers,etc.

We will have a grill going and a coffee maker. Bring your own meat if you want something besides burgers; also, your own alcohol. If you have a surplus of garden tomatoes, to share, they would be welcome.

There was also some orange cocoa, and various other interesting foods.

It was up against a small local convention, CONsume/Relaxacon (devoted to food), which resulted in a relatively small attendance.

I brought some books and magazines to sell for Mnstf's benefit. I put an empty pill bottle on top, and an index card telling people to pay what they thought was right. Total: $1.25.

I'd rate it high on company, discussion, and food. And if one has small children, this location is as child-friendly and child-proof as a Mnstf meeting gets.

"What poets do you have on your shelves?" This question has been going around LiveJournal recently. So far, everyone has interpreted it as "What poets' books are on your shelves"?
I'm snarky enough to prefer the literal meaning.

October 18, 2003
Memo to Post's Editorial Page: It Isn't Over Until It's Over

In the parallel world of journalism where Dewey defeated Truman, the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the seventh game of the American League Championship Series.

At least that's the way the editorial page of The New York Post called the game — in the last 200,000 copies of the paper that rolled off the presses early yesterday.

"Looks like the Curse of the Bambino boomeranged this year," the editors wrote in the newspaper's late city edition, which represented about a quarter of its press run yesterday. "Despite holding a 3-2 lead in games over the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees couldn't get the job done at home; their season ended last night."

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