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Monday, October 27, 2003

Sunday October 26, 2003. Twice a year, the time change fogs my brain. I have no idea why it affects me this much.

The newsgroup soc.history.what-if is devoted to alternate history. Today, one post was a bit more alternate than intended: It included the myth that only natural born US citizens can become President.

No natural born citizen was eligible till 1822, if I've figured correctly. All Presidents till then were eligible under the other provision -- they were citizens at the time the Constitution was adopted.

Writing: Got the story as far as only minor changes (replacing a character with her mother, changing wording here and there) are needed. By my estimate, only twenty percent of what's left is likely to be in this draft.

Americans Stake Claims in a Baja Land Rush
Slowly but surely, acre by acre, Mexico's Baja Peninsula is becoming an American colony.

From http://news.google.com:
Court's ban on crucifix in school divides Italians
MSNBC - 25 minutes ago
Acting on a complaint from Adel Smith, a Muslim activist who did not want his two children to see crucifixes at their primary school, a court in the central city of L'Aquila said on Saturday the symbols had to go.
Should crosses be banned from classrooms? BBC News
Italian judge rules crucifix be removed from classrooms ABC Online
Philippines Daily News - and 5 related

Holocaust link halts Berlin memorial
The Scotsman - 5 minutes ago
WORK on Berlin's Holocaust memorial has been halted after it emerged that a company involved in the construction manufactured the gas used in the death camps.
Nazi gas link halts Holocaust memorial Telegraph.co.uk
Work on German Holocaust Memorial Stopped over Degussa Participation Deutsche Welle
Newsday - CNN Europe - Voice of America - Canada.com - and 40 related

From the UK edition of Google News:
Stephen King: Credit junkies must be weaned off habit or we face crash landing
Independent - 2 hours ago

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