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Monday, October 06, 2003

Sunday September 5, 2003. A good day, starting with seeing that one of my two corner stores was back in operation. A bus had crashed into Sam's Foods in -- May, I think. (Note: the owner is Ethiopian. Kyle's Market, kittycorner from Sam's, is owned by a Chinese couple.)

I went to the University of Minnesota Arboretum with Pat Craft. Visiting the Arboretum always makes me think about taking up gardening; something which doesn't tempt me at other times.

Slight delay -- there was a book sale at the Arboretum, and today was bag sale day.

The insect statues were gone, but they'd been replaced by live insects. There were more ladybugs than I'd ever seen at one time. A smaller (but uncomfortably large) number of bees. And a few butterflies; they looked like monarchs to me, but I'm not a butterfly watcher.

It was a warm day, but there'd already been the first frost of the season. Some plants looked like straw, or like vegetables left much too long in the refrigerator. Others were doing quite well. There were differences within one species and even one variety, probably due mostly to microclimate.

Some trees had autumn leaves, others were still green.

We walked around the various gardens, then had a snack from the cafe at an outside table.

And then we drove on the 3 1/2 (?) mile drive.

Public Release: 5-Oct-2003
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes
Scientist find more efficient way to 'unlearn' fear
Behavior therapists may have a better way to help anxious patients, thanks to insights from a UCLA study of different ways to get mice past their fears. Rodents have long been used to study learning by association. Neuroscientists compared different ways of exposing mice to a stimulus that they had learned to fear, and found that "massing" the feared stimulus -– delivering it in concentrated bursts, not pacing it with longer pauses in between -- was surprisingly efficient at helping to erase its impact.

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