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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Tuesday October 7, 2003. To Pillsbury House, to work on Community Barter Network data. A whole lot of data entry, to begin with: Pillsbury House volunteer applications and CBN applications, Time Dollars earned by volunteering and by helping other CBN members.

Since it was the end of the quarter, the paper forms needed to be filed. And hours, etc. had to be added up.

In twenty years at most, this will seem horribly oldfashioned. People will fill out electronic forms rather than paper ones, which will reduce the error rate. And the program will be able to automatically total the information I had to add up. (That's almost certainly doable today -- but not with this program.)

After which I relaxed for a while before the Recognition Dinner for PH volunteers and CBN members.

The food was Chinese, probably not completely authentic. It started off with egg rolls (chicken and vegetarian), teriyaki chicken, and fruit. Later came rice (choice of brown or white) and stir fry (chicken and vegetable or vegetarian).

I got a certificate of appreciation, a sweatshirt, and a combination calculator/calendar, with instructions in Chinese and English.

Footnotey stuff:

Pillsbury House began early last century as a settlement house, helping immigrants from Europe. Today, many of its clients are native-born. It still serves immigrants; these days, they're likely to come from East Africa or Latin America.

Yes, there's a connection to Pillsbury Flour -- the Pillsbury family.

The Community Barter Network barters Time Dollars. An hour's work nets one Time Dollar, which can be used for services from another CBN member or spent in the Time Dollar Store. There are similar barter networks elsewhere in the US and in several other countries.

I'm not sure if there's a connection with Josiah Warren's Time Dollars, which worked a bit differently. Josiah Warren was a nineteenth-century individualist anarchist. I recommend his book Equitable Commerce; your local statist library should be able to get it for you.

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