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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Tuesday September 30, 2003. Felt enough better to get out and run some errands.

Yahoo locked up my access to their mailing lists because too many messages had bounced. To get back on, I had to use Internet Explorer -- which I use only when I have to. (My preferred browser is Mozilla Firebird. Formerly Phoenix, till the owners of software trademarked "Phoenix" complained. Then Firebird, till the owners of software trademarked "Firebird" complained.)


Public Release: 30-Sep-2003
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Biological basis for creativity linked to mental illness
Psychologists from the University of Toronto and Harvard University have identified one of the biological bases of creativity. The study in the September issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says the brains of creative people appear to be more open to incoming stimuli from the surrounding environment.


Google News (http://news.google.com) now has a version for Spain. The lineup is now:

English-language versions for Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, UK, and US. Each of these takes news from English-language sources all over the world.

French-language version for France. Seems to get news only from French sources; none from Quebec, Africa, or Switzerland. (Yes, they have international news -- but NOT from international sources.)

German-language version for Germany. News sources do not seem to include any from Austria or Switzerland.

Italian-language version for Italy. Does not seem to get news from Swiss sources.

Spanish-language version for Spain. Does not seem to get news from Latin American sources.

Are the French, Germans, Italians, and Spanish so much more insular than anglophones that this makes sense? Or did Google miscalculate?


greythistle http://www.livejournal.com/users/greythistle comments:
2003-09-30 20:31
"One confident prediction: if Schwarzenegger (or any other Republican) becomes governor, there will be an attempt at a recall."

Arrgh. I fear you're right, and though I support recalls in concept, in practice they're such an expensively silly way of flaunting shallow stabs at power. (Am CA resident.)

As for how long before a second recall lumbers into motion--given the several months' lag between when I first read of Valerie Plame in the blogosphere and when I heard about her on the radio, I bet it won't be instantaneous. News items and the things that engender them still move at fairly traditional speeds.

2003-09-30 20:52
I think we're talking about slightly different things.

If the recall is successful, and a Republican wins the election, I expect someone to begin planning another recall within half an hour after the winner is announced. It will take longer before there are people out on the street collecting signatures, and longer yet to find out whether the effort is successful.

Speaking cynically, I'd say the California Democratic Party is better off if a recall against a Republican winner fails. I believe Democrats have the edge in the state legislature; and they might not go out of their way to cooperate with a Republican governor. And Schwarzenegger seems likely to make some mistakes which will alienate independent voters. Not to mention that some of his positions won't exactly induce conservative Republicans to work very hard at supporting him.

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