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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Wednesday October 29, 2003. My only recreational drug these days is caffeine. I haven't been doing any intense spiritual exercises. So there's no easy explanation for what happened.

And no easy way to describe it. Starting late yesterday, I've become more aware of the world around me and of my own body. The body awareness is more immediately useful; my muscles tend to be too tense, and now I feel the tension sooner and adjust to reduce it.

Some things which I think contributed to this: Thinking about kinds of description. Discussion on the Synesthesia list.
Data entry for the Community Barter Network at Pillsbury House. Most of it went smoothly. Some didn't -- illegible signatures on forms in the space where people were supposed to print their names, missing information.

The car parts store next to Dreamhaven Books no longer has a sign saying they ban guns.

Rainbow foods has replaced its main area for books and magazines with Halloween candy. Will the printed matter return after Halloween?

Remember Theodore Sturgeon's story "And Now The News," with its information-junkie protagonist? The George Price cartoon of a man watching TV while listening to radio and reading a newspaper -- while his wife says to a neighbor "And every hour on the half hour, those damn carrier pigeons?"

Those were primitive times. Today, there's Technorati (http://www.technorati.com/). Excerpts from their main page:

You asked for more fresh information pulled piping hot from the blogosphere, we deliver. As we celebrate our 10 millionth link tracked, we're annouuncing two new ways to keep track of what's being talked about across the blogging world. Breaking News brings together the most relevant news stories from over 4000 news sources, and presents them in chronological order, with context and commentary from bloggers worldwide. Keep track of the news as well as the pundits, as soon as it happens.

If you're interested in more than news, then Hot Links is for you. We bring together all of the newest sites, articles, and blogs that are drawing attention on the Internet, updated every 15 minutes. Expect the unexpected, but be careful to not stare too long into the Internet's id, you may find your horizons expanding.

Now get the latest news along with analysis and commentary from leading webloggers, updated every quarter hour. Technorati keeps track of over 160,000 weblogs every hour, and brings together the freshest content, right as it is happening. Take me there.

I wonder how long it is till there's a direct feed into the brain?

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