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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Friday November 21, 2003. Today's focus: preparing to live without salt. (Or, more realistically, with a minimum of salt.)

At Steeple People thrift store, I found _Cooking Without a Grain of Salt_. I also bought a citrus-fruit squeezer.

Across the street to the Wedge co-op grocery, where I looked around for salt-free or low-salt foods. I bought dried figs, raw and unsalted trail mix, and unsalted potato chips.

And I filled out a suggestion slip. I said that ideally, I'd like salt-free deli stuff. More practically, I'd like a list of salt-free foods they have.

Writing: More information added to parts of "The Caterpillar on the Leaf" which I'd already gotten full-drafted. Nothing more on the rest of the story.

I intend to get the first draft finished by the end of November.

And the next one, I'll get drafted within a month or less.

Mail: Lofgeornost #73 (November 2003). Fred Lerner. FAPAzine, with limited outside circulation: In February, NESFA Press will issue _Silverlock, Including the Silverlock Companion_. "It contains the text of the original Dutton 1949 edition of _Silverlock_, the introductory essays from the 1979 Ace reprint, and several new pieces on John Myers Myers, including an intimate family memoir. It also contains an updated "Reader's Guide to the Commonwealth" and other material from _A Silverlock Companion_, which I edited for Niekas Publications in 1988."//Comments on Neal Stephenson's _Quicksilver_, with references to John Crowley's "Aegypt" tetralogy and Mary Gentle's _Rats and Gargoyles_.//Letters of comment and comments back on comfort books, travel to Barcelona and elsewhere, Polynesian prehistory.//A trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, where Fred's daughter is spending her junior year at college.

Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore/Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore Newsletter #64 December, 2003 -- February, 2004. (Also available by email; signup at http://www.UncleHugo.com) Lists of recent and forthcoming books through February. Recommended holiday gifts. Short sf/fantasy recommendations by owner Don Blyly. Mystery reviews by Gerri Balter.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 21-Nov-2003
The Science of the Total Environment
Edible urban plants found to contain lead
Chicago has one of the highest rates of lead poisoning in the country, an extremely persistent health problem that particularly plagues urban areas. Now a new study by Northwestern University researchers shows that edible plants grown in urban gardens could contain potentially hazardous amounts of lead. The research team tested a variety of plants cultivated in Chicago residential gardens rich with lead-contaminated soil and found that leafy vegetables and herbs were highly likely to be contaminated with lead.
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Thanks to http://www.livejournal.com/users/sclerotic_rings/ for this. Not worksafe, unless you work in an adult bookstore. The porn movies reviewed are real, though deservedly obscure. The comics covers probably aren't.

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