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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Friday November 28, 2003. To HealthPartners Uptown Clinic, for glucose tests. I'd had to fast for eight hours before the tests. Blood sample, urine sample; next week I find out if the results indicate diabetes.

I broke my fast with food I shouldn't have been eating: a sorta-Italian sub sandwich at Jimmy Johns, downstairs in Calhoun Square from HealthPartners. I was gratified to find that it was a bit too salty for my taste.

From there to Penzys Spices, where I bought several non-salt spice mixes.

Thought: "The key individual is a cat."

In M. A. Foster's _The Morphodite_, at any one time there's one person who's the keystone of the society. Remove that person, and things collapse. I'd been thinking about that, and some part of my mind decided that there was no reason the person had to be either human or of human-level intelligence.

Mail: Locus, November issue. Yes, that's late. Yes, it would arrive sooner if I'd gotten a first class mail subscription. But I've worked out that buying Locus at Uncle Hugo's or DreamHaven with a discount card is only slightly more expensive than getting a first class mail subscription.

And I may not bother to buy it. Most of the information is available sooner on the web, and sometimes on Usenet. So are book reviews and short story reviews.

Astrology chart for bacteria. Thanks to Jette Goldie of alt.callahans.

From the Indian edition of Google News:
Bengal bans Taslima's book
The Statesman - 5 hours ago
KOLKATA, Nov. 28. After a night of raids and seizure of copies of Taslima Nasreen's Dwikhandita (Split in Two), the state government today banned the book. Police said anybody found possessing a copy of the book would be arrested. But it was not ...
Sleuth swoop on Taslima publisher Calcutta Telegraph
Taslima's controversial book seized Sify
Indian Express - and 5 related

What fellow writers have to say... and the politicians

Dibyendu Palit: I think the ban is justified. Two points need to considered. The first is that Taslima has delved into the sexual lives of eminent literary figures, both Indian and Bangladeshi. The second point is, a group of Muslim intellectuals, who are not fundamentalists, have appealed to the state government to ban the book since certain portions of it slander Prophet Mohammed and Islam, and therefore would hurt religious sentiments.
The book could lead to communal tension, which is not desirable at all. You cannot hurt the feelings of others... Previously, the government had put legal restrictions on Buddhadeb Bose’s Raat Bhore Bristi. But I think this is possibly the first instance of the state government banning a book.

Amlan Dutta: I don’t think the book will spread communal tension. Taslima Nasreen is a responsible and sensitive writer.

Shankha Ghosh: I am generally against bans of any kind, but in this particular case, I think the ban is justified... I do not think Dwikhandita is the first book to be banned in West Bengal. A book titled Itihasher Sri Chaitanya was banned in the late 1950s.

Congress: The book would have caused communal unrest

CPI-M: The ban won’t curb an author’s freedom to write

BJP: The ban betrays Left Front government’s bias

Trinamul: The ban is an undemocratic act

Samajwadi Party: Trash literature that insults the minorities

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