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Monday, November 24, 2003

Monday November 24, 2003. To DreamHaven Books, where I bought Pamela Dean's three-volume novel (_The Secret Country_, _The Hidden Land_, and _The Whim of the Unicorn_).

To Rainbow Foods, to buy foods suitable for a low-salt diet. Unsalted matzos; thanks to Lee Gold for the suggestion. Limes and extruded lime juice product, for flavoring what I cook. Another spice mixture to try. A small bottle of olive oil.

Some things not entirely sodium-free. Chicken leg quarters presumably have some sodium. The grapefruit juice allegedly has one percent of the daily sodium requirement per serving.

Phone message from HealthPartners. I got back home too late to return the call.

Mail: Fantasy and Science Fiction, January 2004. Of the stories, I only liked George Tucker's "Welcome to Justice 2.0."

The nonfiction interested me more. Greg Benford's column is about a spaceship propulsion system he's helping plan at his day job. And Bud Webster discusses the earliest sf anthology: J. Berg Esenwein, _Adventures to Come_, McLaughlin Brothers, 1937

Dividend check from the Wedge co-op grocery. This year, it included a bit of money from the sale of Blooming Prairie -- a co-op wholesaler whose members were co-op groceries.

Food for Holiday Thought: Eat Less, Live to 140?

I gather that the quality of life goes down, even if you don't care about eating.

New Fiction Series: UnCommonwealth
Christopher Rowe -- author, and editor (of Say... -- posted the first short-short story of the UnCommonwealth series at his newly-launched blog. The ambitious series will be comprised of stories inspired by each of his beloved Commonwealth of Kentucky's 120 counties. Stories will be intermingled with blog entries charting Christopher's progress writing his first novel, also set in Kentucky.

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 24-Nov-2003
Journal of Zoology
Urban black bears becoming couch potatoes, study says
Black bears living in and around urban areas are up to a third less active and weigh up to thirty percent more than bears living in wild areas, according to a recent study by scientists from the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).
Wildlife Conservation Society

From the UK edition of Google News:
Historians hope to use DNA to settle Britain's King Harold II death
Canoe.ca - 50 minutes ago
LONDON (AP) - Was he really killed by an arrow and where was he buried? The death of King Harold II, felled by William the Conqueror's army during the Battle of Hastings in 1066, has always been a mystery.
King's grave mystery may be unearthed BBC News
Medieval Tomb May Contain Remains of King Harold The Scotsman
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British Library to sell online
Reuters - 10 hours ago
LONDON (Reuters) - The British Library has caught the e-commerce bug, announcing an alliance with Web retailer Amazon.co.uk to sell to the public over 2.5 million literary works from its collection.
British Library sells off rare books online ZDNet.co.uk
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