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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Saturday November 15, 2003. The Mnstf meeting at Dean Gahlon and Laura Krentz's had a semi-potluck Thanksgiving dinner. People signed up to bring food, but it wasn't mandatory.

Mnstf meeting at Dean Gahlon and Laura Krentz's. There was turkey and other Thanksgiving food. Semi-potluck; people signed up to bring food, but it wasn't required. I brought whole berry cranberry sauce.

Joel Halpern was in town, and showed up.

Good food, good conversation.

I also brought books and magazines for sale, money to go to Mnstf. And the money from the previous meeting. Handed the money over to Larry Sanderson, Mnstf treasurer.

Sales at the three meetings so far: $1.25, $9.00, 0.

A new small press had mailed copies of its catalog and 25% off coupons. Timberwolf Books and Audio is reprinting Bill Baldwin's Helmsman series in hardcover and three audio formats: tapes, CDs, and MP3 CD. "Director's Cut Edition."

You hadn't heard of Bill Baldwin? I've seen his books on sf-bookstore shelves over the years.

One book seems to have disappeared. The first six books are to be republished, and then comes a newly-written novel. But various sources -- including Baldwin's website (http://www.billbaldwin.us/index.html#novels) -- mention a seventh published book.

Five novels by Ron Miller, who did the cover of another. He's described as a Hugo winner. I'm not sure the 2002 Best Related Work Hugo for _The Art of Chesley Bonestell, Ron Miller & Frederick C. Durant III, with Melvin H. Schuetz (Paper Tiger)_ is relevant.

There are also pure audiobooks, which appear to be more professional than the print books.

Their website (http://www.timberwolfpress.com) has other kinds of books, including a mystery novel about a stripper turned detective. A paper doll kit is available as a free download.

That got me thinking about paper doll kits of other fictional detectives. I got as far as Nero Wolfe, and started giggling.
From the UK edition of Google News:
Motorola nixes 'walled garden' phone patch
The Register - 8 hours ago
Motorola has clamped down on a phone patch which unlocked the full capabilities of one of its smartphones. But there are no hard feelings from the recipient of the copyright notice, Marius Vincent, who blames British 3G operator 3 for crippling the A920.
A920 patch forced to be taken down 3G Newsroom
Motorola stomps on A920 patch The Inquirer
From the American Name Society list (ans-l):
November 15, 2003, Saturday, BC cycle
1:31 AM Eastern Time
SECTION: State and Regional
LENGTH: 169 words
HEADLINE: City's most popular baby names are once again Ashley and Michael

Ashley and Michael have topped the list of the most popular baby names in the city yet again.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said Friday that Ashley was the most common name for girls born in New York City in 2002 for the 11th consecutive year. For boys, Michael was the most popular name, as it has been for 15 years.

No. 2 for girls was Emily, followed by Kayla, Brianna, Samantha and Sarah. For boys, Justin, Daniel, Matthew and Christopher rounded out the top five positions.

Ashley was the most popular girl's name among the city's Hispanic population, while the No. 1 spot went to Kayla among blacks, Sarah among whites and Michelle among Asians.

The No. 1 name for baby boys among Hispanics and blacks was Justin. The top position among whites went to Michael, and among the city's Asian and Pacific Islander population, the most popular name for boys was Jason.

There were 122,937 babies born in the city in 2002.
On the Net: http://www.ci.nyc.ny.us/html/doh/home.html

From Slate's summary of the leading newspapers:
Speaking of ways to get your message across, it seems that the governor of Louisiana has hit upon the ideal way to bring his wetlands-preservation awareness campaign to his Cajun-food-lovin' constituents: attach leaflets to bottles of Tabasco sauce.

From my email:
I am a mother of two and the wife of late General YOUSSEF EL HADIDI of the defuct [sic]Republican Guard of ousted President Saddam Hussein

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