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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Saturday November 22, 2003. To the Southwest Senior Center, to pick up FARE for All food. A reasonably good selection. I did return some seafood, so someone likely to eat it could have an extra.

Yesterday, I'd asked in rec.food.cooking about salt-free eating. I got a fair amount of good advice. (Some of it I already knew.)

One person kindly explained that some salt is necessary. Which I knew already, and which didn't answer my question. I managed to keep my reply polite.

The unsalted potato chips I bought yesterday taste a bit too oily. The raw, unsalted trail mix was okay. (If there's roasted but unsalted trail mix, the Wedge doesn't have it.)

Writing: I now know what happens in the next scene of "The Caterpillar on the Leaf" -- and what information it contains.

And very late last night, I made a start on "Some Their Gold and Some Their Gear." The title's a quote from "Tam Lin":

There's none that go by Carterhaugh
But they leave him a wad.
Some their gold, and some their gear,
And some their maidenhead.

From a post I made in rec.arts.sf.composition:
The only bestseller list I pay much attention to currently is USA Today's -- top fifty in their Thursday paper, top three hundred on their website. They have all books competing against each other -- fiction or nonfiction, paperback or hardcover. So I can see not only how Harry Potter books sell compared to Anne Rice's _Foundation and Vampire_ or the latest culinary mystery, but how they compare to _The Light Socket Cookbook_ and Ann Coulter's _Nine Billion Years of Liberal Treason_.

Gene-Altering Revolution Nears the Pet Store: Glow-in-the-Dark Fish

From Google News India:
Poorer nations to reap rewards of trend to outsourcing
Financial Times - Nov 21, 2003
The outsourcing of business operations via the internet could earn some of the world's poorest countries billions of dollars over the next few years, according to a United Nations study.
UN report: Economic pressures push outsourcing ZDNet.com
Internet worldwide growth slower but solid, says UN InfoWorld
Independent Online - Australian IT - Times of India -
Internet Magazine - and 25 related

Note: This has not yet showed up on the US version of Google News.

Pantless driver charged over kiddie porn


TORONTO -- A man caught driving naked from the waist down while watching kiddie porn on his laptop has become the first man in Toronto charged for allegedly stealing an Internet connection.

The Volokh Conspiracy http://www.volokh.com
Friday November 21
[Jacob Levy, 3:18 PM]
Some responses to my hypothetical: Yesterday I asked whether, according to the jurisprudential theories of those opposed to the Massachusetts marriage decision, it would be constitutional for a state to ban nonprocreative heterosexual marriages.

Ramesh Ponnuru bites the bullet....

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