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Monday, November 17, 2003

Sunday November 16, 2003. The Mnstf meeting had relaxed me more than I thought. I slept much of the day.

Cookery: I've encountered people who say "It's complicated -- it takes a long time to cook." Or "It's simple -- it's very fast." I don't understand that. To me, something which you start cooking and can forget about for an hour or five is simple. And something which gets done quickly, but requires split-second timing at several stages, is difficult.

Today, I reheated a soup pot and ate some of its contents.

Writing: I'm now sure I know where "The Caterpillar on the Leaf" is going.

I've decided to do something new with the LiveJournal comments I get. Reasons: 1) This journal has two editions; it's on both LiveJournal and Blogspot. 2) This way is closer to what I've long been used to in sf-fandom apas. The comments are also still attached to the original material, for the benefit of those who prefer the new-traditional way.

2003-11-16 05:12
mystery novel about a stripper turned detective
Not an entirely new concept: there was The G-string Murders, 1947 (aka Lady of Burlesque) purportedly by Gypsy Rose Lee but actually ghosted by (I think) Elmer Rice. There is also a more recent series by Noreen Ayres about Smokey Brandon, a former stripper turned crime scene technician; and more recently still, a series by Nancy Bartholomew where the detective, Sierra Lavotini, is a practising 'exotic dancer'.

2003-11-16 21:21
I didn't think the concept was new, though I'd forgotten about The G-string Murders. But I think the paper doll kit might be new.
At last! Thanks to John Fast on rec.arts.sf.composition, I now have two reliable sources of movie spoilers!

The Internet Movie Data Base (http://imdb.com) takes great care not to give away endings and Big Secrets. But often, the only thing I want to know about a movie is the ending and/or Big Secret. And I don't want to see the movie to find out.

Sometimes it's easy; the Big Secret of "The Crying Game" was easy to deduce from what reviews didn't say. Sometimes it isn't; the ending of "Indecent Proposal" turns out to be dumber than I thought.

Neither site had spoilers for "When Harry Met Sally;" I had to use Google to get that. It's no great surprise, of course. What this and "Indecent Proposal" have in common is that the most fitting ending wasn't used, and almost certainly was never considered.

Along the way, I found http://www.nitpickers.com/, devoted to nitpicking movies and tv shows.
Map showing political fundraising by state, county, or zip code. It leaves out Alaska and Hawaii, and the zip code version leaves out my zip code; but it's still worth a look. There's more information at http://www.fundrace.org/index.html
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 16-Nov-2003
Nature Neuroscience
Interracial interactions are cognitively demanding
A new Dartmouth study reveals that interracial contact has a profound impact on a person's attention and performance. The researchers found new evidence using brain imaging that white individuals attempt to control racial bias when exposed to black individuals, and that this act of suppressing bias exhausts mental resources.
National Science Foundation

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