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Monday, November 03, 2003

Sunday November 2, 3003. I slept much of the day.

I'm not sure why, but suspect it's partly writing-related. The protagonist of "The Caterpillar on the Leaf" started out being certain he knew more than almost everyone else. He had an eight-month gap in his memory, but was certain he knew almost all of what had happened during that time. The story has now reached the point at which he learns a bit about what he was doing during that time. And about who he was doing.
Refdesk's (http://www.refdesk.dom) site of the day was The Columbia Gazetteer http://www.bartleby.com/69/ I looked up places near where I grew up, and decided it was useful enough to bookmark. Population figures are from the 1990 census, but I can find newer figures easily enough.

I grew up between Kerhonkson and Accord in Ulster County, New York. Kerhonkson's population is about five times what I remember it being in the 1950's. Accord's population seems to have tripled. Ellenville's is twice or 1.5 times what I remember it being. Kingston's population has shrunk. (Kingston was one of New York State's first three cities. The other two are Albany -- now the state capital -- and New York City.)

While I was there, I decided to see whether there were any Arkhams in the US. There aren't, but this ad showed up:

Arkham Curiosity Shoppe
Lovecraftian Mythos and Curiosities Close Out Sale, Huge Savings!
From Google News http://news.google.com -- The show under discussion is about _The Da Vinci Code_, a "fiction, but all the facts here are factual" thriller about What The Roman Catholic Church Does Not Want You to Know. This particular conspiracy theory starts with Mary Magdalene's marriage to Jesus. (Personally, I prefer the theory that vampire lizards from outer space founded all human religions. See Sheri S. Tepper, _Gibbon's Decline and Fall_. Particularly if you think _Atlas Shrugged_ would've been better if Ayn Rand had been less reticent about expressing her views.)

The Volatile Notion of a Married Jesus
New York Times - 50 minutes ago
Half a dozen religious leaders joined David Westin, the president of ABC News, and others from the network and the press for lunch on the 22nd floor of ABC building on 66th Street in Manhattan late last week. Mr. Westin wore a sharp suit, as did some ...
Experts dismiss theories in popular book Gannett Suburban New York Newspapers
ABC to air special on Jesus Christ USA Today
The Advertiser - Islam Online - WorldNetDaily - Business Wire (press release) - and 21 related

"...Joseph De Feo, policy analyst for the Catholic League, then asked the show's producers why they hadn't solicited opinions from Roman Catholics other than the Rev. Richard McBrien, a priest and theology professor at the University of Notre Dame who, Mr. De Feo said, is known chiefly for his far-out views and his 'shtick' about Mary Magdalene's primacy among Jesus's apostles.

"Rudy Bednar, an executive producer at ABC, responded that the Catholic view had been expressed in the documentary by various evangelicals the producers had consulted. Mr. De Feo, perhaps bridling at the idea that arch-Protestants should represent the opinions of Catholics, shot Mr. Bednar a look of incredulity."

Looking for more on this brought me to Journey to Vatican III http://www.spokesmanreview.com/blogs/journey/

"Journey to Vatican III by Rebecca Nappi gives you breaking news and trend alerts in the Roman Catholic Church that signal major reforms to come in the next few years. These reforms would likely happen if, and when, the pope who succeeds John Paul II calls a Vatican III."

My prediction: Vatican III will be convened around 2060. It will not be convened by the current Pope's immediate successor. It will upset a number of Roman Catholics, some of whom will split off from Roman Catholicism.

From the UK edition of Google News:

Suitors blast 'Miriam'
Daily Variety (subscription) - 3 hours ago
LONDON -- Six male Brit contestants are trying to ban entertainment web Sky One from broadcasting a reality show in which they are seen competing for the affections of a woman who is revealed to be a male-to-female transsexual.
Sky faces sexual assault claim Guardian
Sky scraps TV show with transsexual twist Telegraph.co.uk
Ananova - Daily Times - Stuff.co.nz - The Sun - and 32 related

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