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Sunday, November 23, 2003

Sunday November 23, 2003. Too much snow to get out and do the things I'd intended to do yesterday.

Saltfree eating: I cooked something on which I've been accustomed to using soy sauce. (Ground turkey, eggs, green pepper, and onion, over rice.) I still need to find the right combination of spices -- either in cooking, or at the table.

Writing: I now know not only what happens in the rest of "The Caterpillar on the Leaf," and what information will be given to readers, but what scenes will be in the story. They don't include certain scenes which I was certain were absolutely essential.

Spammer unclear on the concept: INCREASE YOUR D,I_C*K WEIGHT ...

From http://refdesk.org, links to newspaper editorials, op-ed pages, and letter columns throughout the world:

DAVE KILLINGSWORTH, 33 and a former disc jockey, is so immersed in pop culture that he has images of Spider-Man and Batman tattooed on his back. In his free time, he puts that passion to work betting in an online game, guessing which films will make it big. He is so good at forecasting the public's taste that he has reaped a windfall, at least in play dollars, turning $2 million into $460 million.

Mr. Killingsworth is one of a million people who have traded on the Hollywood Stock Exchange (www.hsx.com), where players can register at no cost to predict box office receipts for films. For him, it's a game, and it's fun.

But for Hollywood studios and entertainment executives, along with real traders and others, the game has become something to take quite seriously. Studios, along with academics, are interested in it as a way to predict which movies will succeed. Traders are working to turn the concept into an actual financial market, like those for futures in corn, oil and other commodities. It has also served as the model for a television show merging trading and music.

alternate history politics:
WASHINGTON - Senate Republican leader Bill Frist is demanding that Democrats stop showing their first television ad of the 2004 presidential race, which he called "repulsive and outrageous."

The 30-second ad, which aired in Iowa over the weekend, features clips of Gore during his State of the Union address last January. It portrays Gore as a fighter of terrorism and says his opponents "are now attacking the president for attacking the terrorists."

"It's wrong. It's erroneous, and I think that they ought to pull the ad," Frist told NBC's "Meet the Press" program on Sunday.

"We all want to defeat terrorism," the Tennessee senator said. But "to chastise and to question the patriotism of those who are in opposition to some of the president's plans I think is wrong."

The Democratic National Committee (news - web sites) has no plans to honor Frist's wishes.

"We have no doubt that Sen. Frist and others in his party who oppose the president's policy of pre-emptive self-defense believe that their national security approach is in the best interests of the country," DNC spokesman Chris Lehane said. "But we also have no doubt that they are wrong about that, and we will continue to highlight this critical policy difference as well as others."

From the UK Google News -- both now also on the US edition:
Mussolini's heir on Israel trip
Guardian - 30 minutes ago
Gianfranco Fini, leader of the Alleanza Nazionale and Italy's deputy prime minister, began an official visit to Israel yesterday in an attempt to remake his party's neo-fascist image and fashion himself as a respectable conservative leader.
Italian ex-Fascist apologises to Israel Telegraph.co.uk
Italian Politician to Ask Jews' Forgiveness for Fascist Past The Scotsman
MSNBC - Jerusalem Post

Spam rage vigilante
The Scotsman - 2 hours ago
IT'S a growing problem. A Californian computer programmer has been arrested for threatening to torture and kill employees of a company he blames for bombarding his computer with web ads promising to enhance his manhood.
Spam rage leads to Oakland Tribune
Man arrested in spam rage 'case MSNBC
San Francisco Chronicle - Washington Times - San Jose Mercury News - Tri-Valley Herald - and 10 related

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