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Friday, November 07, 2003

Thursday November 6, 2003. Mail: The American Automobile Association offers me a free membership and $500 worth of groceries. I don't own a car; but they offer me emergency services no matter whose car I'm riding in.

The free membership is actually a twofer, with the joining fee waived. The free groceries turn out to be coupons with a processing fee.

Why do companies do this? After I read the fine print, I always feel that something's being taken away from me. Maybe that's a rare reaction.

Writing: I've got the beginning, middle, and ending of a mystery short story. Now all I need is the story.

Political Dictionary: The Man on a White Horse.

Originally, a general who takes over the government and sets everything right. Now used much more broadly.

The last book of the New Testament predicts a man on a white horse. He will be followed by the man on a red horse, the man on a black horse, and the man on a pale horse.

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