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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Thursday October 30, 2003. Forgot to set this down: At Steeple People thrift store, I looked at _The Wordsworth Companion to English Literature_. The first thing I saw was an entry on Lodowicke Muggleton and John Reeve, founders of the Muggletonians. I immediately decided to buy the book.

Among the free stuff was a -- well, two pieces of wood held together with pieces of rope.
I had no idea what purpose it was intended to serve, but I took it to use as exercise equipment.

Friday October 31, 2003. Synesthesia list: One member was discussing synesthesia, and found out for the first time that not everybody "sees" words as they hear them. "But I thought everybody was like me" strikes again.

In replies, one syn said that once she's "seen" a word in a particular font, it's always in that font. I found that amusing; I never "see" speech in the same typeface twice in a row.

On #21 bus, Indian: "Actually, I'm Swedish." There were a few people really in costume.

#7 bus to the Mall of America. A few more costumes on this bus.

At the Mall, there were many costumes.

I found the Rockport Store, and they had what I needed: shoes wide enough to fit me, and good for walking. These shoes don't need laces, which is a definite plus.
The Southwest Journal had a story on the movements of the Wedge's gun-ban sign. The story there is that the sign was taken down because it made some customers nervous. This drew negative response from other customers. At least one of those other customers is (to put it politely) a conspiracy whacko.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 31-Oct-2003
Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
Ultra-low oxygen could have triggered die-offs, spurred bird breathing system
A University of Washington scientist is theorizing that low oxygen and repeated short but substantial temperature increases because of greenhouse warming sparked two major mass-extinction events, one of which eradicated 90 percent of all species on Earth.
From Crooked Timber http://www.crookedtimber.org/
League tables
Posted by Chris [Bertram]

There’s much to amuse in David Cohen’s survey of education journalism in today’s Guardian. Those of us who are fed up with league tables evaluating and ranking university department can take heart from one published by Canada’s Globe and Mail which awarded high marks to some nonexistent institutions: York’s medical school and the medical and law schools at Waterloo. The methodology does seem somewhat suspect:

According to the market research firm responsible for the rankings, the results had been based entirely on student responses to an online survey on issues such as the quality of teaching assistants, class size, availability of courses and the library services at their colleges.

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