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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Tuesday November 18, 2003. Katya Reimann had a reading at DreamHaven Books. She read from _The Wanderer_, which Tor will published next May bylined as by Cherry Wilder and Katya Reimann.

It's a posthumous collaboration; the manuscript was unfinished at Cherry Wilder's death. I would say it's definitely worth reading. It really does contain a lot of Ms. Wilder's own writing. (Unlike novels based on -"an anecdote L. Ron Hubbard used to tell"- or some such.) And Ms. Reimann was genuinely respectful of the material.

liveavatar 2003-11-17 00:15

So, does re-heating the soup count as simple or difficult? After all, if you forget about that soup for an hour or five, your "recipe" is completely ruined.

Movie spoilers, humph. I bet you turn to the last chapter in mysteries too. At this household we read a lot about movies in general, and see a bunch as well, so a lot of the time we don't want to know the ending because someday we'll be seeing the movie, if only on cable. But thanks for the links. ...Agh, I just clicked on something from Moviepooper and discovered I'd completely misunderstood one movie's ending! And there's lots of interesting stuff that isn't even spoilers. Thanks again!

Not surprised about the Nature Neuroscience finding. I remember the first time (many years ago but nowhere near as many as I'd like) that someone's skin color became transparent to me -- that is, I saw the face shape before the skin color. And I'm still not entirely up to speed. Last year I participated in a face recognition study at Stanford where they showed us faces of men with European and African ancestry, then tested us on facial recognition. I definitely lagged behind in African-ancestry face recognition. *sigh* Time for me to give this active attention, I guess. I've gotten considerably better at gathering clues about Asian facial types, Chinese vs Japanese vs Vietnamese vs Filipino, and so forth than when I was a kid. If I start thinking of face shapes as Nigerian, Eritrean, Kenyan, etc. that'll sharpen my recognition skills.

dsgood 2003-11-18 20:18
Soup: I do need to remember to turn down the heat at the proper moment. But if I then let it simmer for an hour or five longer than I intended, usually no great harm is done.

If I intend to read a mystery, I usually don't turn to the last chapter. And if I intend to watch a movie, I don't usually want spoilers. But I'm likely to only watch a couple of movies each year.

Facial recognition -- did the study use faces which showed only features likely to be found in one race? People of Eastern European ancestry often have some Asian features; and most Black Americans have some European ancestry (fairly likely also some American Indian ancestry).

'The Democrats' dilemma
'As Dean's lead grows, his party worries. By Linda Feldmann'

I think it's more accurate to say that the party's current national leadership worries. If their notions of practical Presidential politics were accurate, Al Gore would have won by a landslide.

'Mr. Rothenberg adds that this sense of unease probably mirrors some concern in the Democratic establishment that Dean is too much of an outsider, that he's too angry and can be painted as too far left.'

'Still, one discouraged outpost of the Democratic Party is the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the breeding ground for many of the centrist ideas that President Clinton and Vice President Gore espoused and which appear, in this cycle, to be out of sync with what Democratic base voters are looking for - a clear contrast with a president they cannot abide.'
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 18-Nov-2003
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Cocoa froths with cancer-preventing compounds
Better than red wine or green tea, cocoa froths with cancer-preventing compounds, Cornell food scientists say. (Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Dec. 3, 2003)
BioGreen 21 Program, Rural Development Administration, Republic of South Korea.

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