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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Tuesday November 25, 2003. Health and food: The blood tests last week showed that I have high blood sugar. So, I need to have a fasting blood test to see if I have diabetes. I don't need to schedule; I do need to fast for eight hours beforehand.

I'll probably go in on Friday morning, bringing a snack for after the test is done.

If I do turn out to have diabetes, I'll have to run my life much more systematically and carefully than I want to. That is, unless I take the choice Terry Carr and Mike Wood did.

I called for better guidelines on salt/sodium. I don't need to choose food at the "avoid most bread" level. But I do need to read labels. (And, in many cases, multiply the amount of sodium in a portion by two.)

I think it's Gahan Wilson who did a cartoon in which a couple of cockroaches read food labels, and decide the food is too disgusting for them to eat.

I'd asked on rec.food.cooking if there was such a thing as saltfree hot sauce. I got this answer:

"Down south pepper vinegar is very popular...you can make it yourself by filling a mason jar with sliced hot peppers, pouring vinegar over them, and letting it steep, the longer the better. It's great on turnip greens, pinto beans, catfish, and anything else that you normally top with hot sauce."

Thanks to Google, I found a recipe for saltfree chili powder! It's at http://www.recipesource.com, which has what looks like a good collection of saltfree recipes.

It also has a section of Extraterrestrial & Bizzare [sic] recipes. The ones listed include: Ammonite Chowder, Apple Roast Hadrosaur, Baked Camel, Berena (Klingon Gingerbread), Curried Gallimimus, Elephant Stew, French Fried Skunk, Ground Pork Peanut Butter Cookies, Ha Rageel (Vulcan Carrot Loaf), Kiros Kai Faki (Klingon Pigs Feet & Pea Soup), Romulan Lucernae, Spam Carbonera, Trilobite Creole, Turkey Stuffing.

I broiled chicken leg quarters. On half, I used Penzy's Singapore Seasoning. On the other half, bottled lemon juice. The Singapore Seasoning worked much better. (The lemon juice needs something else to go with it; I'm not sure what.)

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