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Sunday, November 09, 2003

viacimo (viacimo) wrote in blog_sociology,
@ 2003-11-08 03:39:00

Regarding Use of this technology:
1. when did you start using LJ?

A few months ago.

2. why did you chose LJ over other blogging sites?

I didn't. My journal has a blogspot version and a LiveJournal version, at least for now.

3. why you chose to stay on the site when the software is open source & you could build your own site (particularly relevant when people have technical knowledge that rises above the typical user's capabilities)?

I don't have that knowledge. That aside -- I'm on LiveJournal largely for the community. On my own site, I wouldn't have that.

4. Are you a paid user? If so, why and since when? (consider what benefits this option offers you, etc.)


Regarding Social Systems (i.e. friends’ lists):
1. how did you make decisions about who to add to your friends list? (related question: why do you read the particular journals that you do?)

I add people who write stuff that interests me more often than not.

2. Is there anyone out there in your friends network who I could also talk to? (please let them know about this project/let me know how to reach them)
3. how did they end up linked to your journal?
4. why do they read your journal?

Regarding Access:
1. Have you used the option of protecting entries?

No. Anything confidential enough for that, I wouldn't put on the web.

2. Do you have customized groups within your friends? (give an idea of how many)

3. What are the motivating factors behind using these filters? What criteria do you use in determining who belongs (or does not belong in a group)?
4. Do you limit comments on your journal (i.e. no anonymous, friends only...)?


1. What kind of customized features do you have affiliated with your journal?
a) Layout? (including titles, comments field)
b) Icons? (where do you get these, why/how do you choose them)
c) Links?
2. Have you ever taken advantage of search features for locating other LJ users (by interest, geographic location, etc.)?


Let me know if you have any questions - if I can clarify anything about the assignment &/or the topic.

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